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The Chamber

  Is a volunteer organization composed of individuals, businesses, industries and professionals who have joined together to accomplish collectively what they cannot do individually;  
  Serves as a watchdog and spokesman for business in local and state affairs;  
  Acts as a business agent and sales manager in promoting Lincoln County, your firm, your products and services;  
  Works as the information bureau to promote tourism and provide statistical data to meet most business needs;  
  Publicizes and promotes Lincoln County to people considering moving into or establishing a business here and to expand the tourism industry;  
  Strives for a healthy and sound economy by promoting and encouraging new businesses and expansion of existing businesses;  
  Enriches the quality of life in Lincoln County through support of community activities, cultural events and enrichment programs.  


Reasons to Join the Chamber

  If you are a business located in Lincoln County, you depend on this community for transportation, utilities, a work force, materials, etc. The Chamber works toward providing a healthy climate in which to do business.
  The support of all business and professional men and women is needed to improve the quality of life and economic well being of Lincoln County. In turn, this means more customers, clients, and patients.


  Joining the Chamber means getting involved and staying involved. It means speaking your mind on importatnt issues that affect your business and all businesses. Membership means meeting other business people and working collectively to accomplish whatever is necessary for business to prosper in Lincoln County.


  Joining the Chamber means being a leader in the business community. The Chamber is also committed to maximize your impact by speaking and acting through the strength in numbers, and through listening to your needs and ideas.


  The opportunities available to you as a Chamber member are challenging and profitable. The individual as well as the community is benefited by joining the Chamber.


  When the county prospers, you prosper. By helping to build a thriving community, your investment is strengthened and your opportunities are broadened. you have personal interest in these objectives.


  Membership investments in the Chamber of Commerce may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  


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